Monday, September 29, 2014

Blessed beyond words

Yesterday we went to church as usual on a Sunday.  The youth had a meeting and stayed afterwards and my husband and I left to go out for lunch alone.   I told him during lunch I loved our youth meetings and I always got a lot out of the message myself. My pastor's wife does our meetings and she causes all of us adults to think a little outside of the box and consider things in the word we might have just skimmed over before.  I told him I hated to miss the meetings cause I might miss something I needed so after we ate we went back to the church.  I got the tail end of the message and this is the first one I attended that was as seriously toned as the others.  We always have fun and I missed all the games but the message was on sin and how you can't let just a little in that once you are saved you have to turn away from all of it.
We stayed after the message and played more games until our night time service which the pastor felt led to turn into an alter call.  I went up to pray with someone else and I kept feeling that still small voice beckoning me back and I met my oldest daughter halfway back towards our seats.  "I said do you feel like God is calling you up to the alter?"
She smiled at me with tears in her eyes and said "yes"
I took her by the hand and walked up there with her and I couldn't find any words to pray except "thank you Jesus"  I had to call the pastor's wife over to pray with her because all I could say was "thank you Jesus for taking the time to call my baby to live for you"
I have never felt this blessed in my life.  I have two more kids that will cause me to rejoice when they make their decsion to walk with Christ and I know that day will come but right now I am living in the moment of Thanksgiving for Jesus knowing my attempts at following his commandments have lead me to be the mother of my "sister in christ"
After my first miscarriage-my most joyful moment was looking at her little 7lb body and face and thanking God for this gift but the gift he gave me last night-Knowing she will be in heaven is a bigger blessing than that moment.
Another thing that is amazing about this all taking place yesterday is the poem my husband felt led to read.  It was one that God had given him and to me it was a confirmation for both of us we are doing something right!

Footprints in Footprints
Lord as those little footsteps follow behind
A rightous man I want them to find
O how awful if I lead them astray
Woe to me come judgement day
O Lord as the do follow me 
A man of God I want them to see
Give me guidence and direction as I lead
Those little ones will see if you I do heed
For those little eyes will see all I do
Lord let my life help lead them to you
As they step in each footprint I make
I pray Dear Lord that each step I take
Will lead them on a path that is straight to you
A path, a life that is Godly and true
For I am here for just a little while
Lord help me go that extra mile
Lord help me walk rightously while I am here
For these little foosteps will surely be near
Let all my influence point to you and for you to shine
As each little footprint is made inside of mine 

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  1. This post hit me hard. God Bless her and your family. What a blessing and joy to see that. I pray that my daughter accepts Jesus as her Saviour. I commend you for being a great role model. I am under conviction right now. I need to stop letting the temptations and sins of this world control me. I need to speak what I think and feel for him. I need to stop "hiding" the fact I love Jesus. I want his light to shine through me. In order to do so, I must first stop smoking, drinking, be abstinent, stop cursing, and speak his words to those who need it most. I am surrounded by people who do not believe. I only hope my testimony will save them, even if only one, I have made a difference. I love your blog!