Friday, February 20, 2015

it's been awhile since I shared anything here

I feel compelled to put my love for God out there for others to see.

I hope I can show his love and let his light shine through me brightly enough to touch someone else.- The first post I published that was my vision, my want, my desire.

I have made leaps in bounds in spiritual growth within the past year and pray that God lets me grow just as much if not more for the rest of my life. So I have been somewhat down about not having anything to share, but, I have set before the computer screen and typed post after post the past few months but haven't published anything because it didn't feel right.  I would put my heart on the screen but I never published it because I didn't feel it was what God wanted.   I have been unsure of where  to turn with this blogging thing.  I don't want it to be about me.  I want it to be about God.  He is the potter I am the clay.

I want to serve him and I know using my words can very well do that.  I have also been convicted from many scriptures to think before I speak and be wise with my words. That could have something to do with my lack of published posts.  I feel like sharing a little about bible study tonight.

In the past year I have tried to learn how to do more than just read the bible.  It is a living word that transforms you when you dig in deep and that is exactly what I have been trying to do.

Dig deeper.
Learn more.
Know God more.

To begin with all I knew was to read and re-read and meditate or think about what I read.  That wasn't enough I wanted more so in the days of technology-I googled it. Online bible studies and how to study the bible,
Cortney Joesph is an author and blogger over at women living well and I stumbled across her proverbs 31 study.  she offered tools called SOAP and an online ebook for proverbs31 study. Cortney updated the method to SOAK in January for a current reading plan. (see her page if your looking for a place to begin and you don't have to do it alone there are tons of accountibility groups out there)
SOAK is Scripture Observations Application Kneel in prayer.

This method has been an amazing tool.  Reading through chapter by chapter in our bible study I am trying to find something I can apply to my life out of every chapter of the bible.  I'm sure there will be some repeats after all money is mentioned numerous times, love, fear, joy, and many other big subjects.  In our current study of exodus I have read multiple times of God wanting the offerings to him to be from WILLING hearts.

God is all powerful but he wants all of us just to choose him and choose his will and if it isn't his will for me to share my thoughts I don't want to share them.  It isn't about me it is about his glory.
I dream of something I say uplifting someone and turning their heart to the Lord but it isn't because I want a gold star.

 I want to touch others so they can know God like I am getting to know him.  To feel his peace when things aren't going well.  To day by day grow more.  I'm not perfect I fail daily but I can see how God has grown me.  I want others to feel that and know our heavenly father and put their trust in him.

So many are against the churches and Christians because they view many of us as hypocrites and think we are judgemental and I am striving to find that beautiful place where I can reach out to the world and not point out anyone's flaws and not pass on judgements but give them love like Jesus did and let him convict and change them as he has me.

I'm not perfect-I am forgiven and anyone else can be if they trust their life to Jesus and welcome him in and let him change them, but it goes back to God's want from the Israelites-he wants a willing heart.  Just this week I have gotten that message loud and clear from chapters 25, 26, and 35 in the book of Exodus.  God can't change what doesn't want to change and for many years I went to church and was satisfied just knowing Jesus saved but I am now a willing heart wanting to do something for God.