Friday, July 24, 2015

Remainders of faith

Last summer my son was terrified of the dark. He wouldn't sleep without a night light. If he woke up in a dark place he cried and screamed hysterically. 
He walked away from that fear by giving it to Jesus.
At a youth meeting our youth leader talked about things weighing us down. Things that we were scared of and burdened by and how we could give all these things to Jesus and not worry about them.
I love object lessons and at this meeting sister Elizabeth told us children and adults to write down something we wanted Jesus to take away from us write it on a slip of paper and put in a helium filled balloon to release. Then we could physically release our burdens to Jesus.
Josiah wasn't quite 5 yet but he said "mommy I do not want to be scared of dark anymore. Will you write it on my paper."
I learn a lot of lessons from my kids and this is one. If something has you bound down in fear or anxiety- give it to Jesus.
A little later on nana visited and knew how scared he was of the dark before so She asked if he wanted his night light on when she tucked him in.
His response was "no nana I'm not scared no more I gave my fear of the dark to Jesus. I do not need a light anymore."
We all need to remember we can give all our worries to our savior and he will take them from us. He is the one friend always there to listen.